Thank you for choosing Aizan Development Foundation. We are always looking for development professionals and volunteers to support our objectives. If you are interested in working with Aizan Development Foundation, please forward your CV to info@adf.org.pk. Aizan Development Foundation is an equal opportunity employer.

Aizan Development Foundation (ADF) is looking for:

Pakistan International Human Rights Organization (PIHRO) and Aizan Development Foundation (ADF) have launched a new project for youth, namely The Youth Development Programme (YDP) with the support of The German Embassy in April 2016. The programme will prepare students coming from FATA and Afghanistan but living in Pakistan with essential training on political skills for leadership roles in the future. Under this project, Graduates from FATA 50 (25 Male & 25 Female) and 20 (10 Male and 10 Female) from Afghanistan shall be trained on: (1) Understanding Pakistani Politics, (2) Understanding Community Affairs and (3) Political Leadership/Capacity Building.

PIHRO & ADF are now hiring energetic, dedicated and experienced staff for the said project.

The following Positions are open for Applications
  • Project Officer
  • IT & Communication Officer
  • Logistics & Administration Officer
  • Social Mobilizer
  • 3 Professional Trainers (with understanding on Pakistani Politics, Community Affairs and Political Leadership Skills/Capacity Building)
  • Consultant to develop a Manual and train Master trainers on Understanding Pakistani Politics, Understanding Community Affairs & Political Leadership/Capacity Building

Interested candidates are requested to post their CVs along with a Covering letter to: ADF/PIHRO PO Box 3040, GPO Islamabad, stating the position they are applying for.

Deadline for applications: 5th May 2016 – Applications received after the Deadline or by Email will NOT be considered.