Aizan Development Foundation aims to promote Children’s Rights through education, awareness raising and capacity building. It aims to prevent and address violence against children by working with institutions, such as schools, communities and organizations as well as all other stakeholders dealing with children. Aizan Development Foundation’s primary objectives are as follows:

  • Prevent, address and end violence against children, girls and boys through awareness raising and campaigning
  • Promote a rights based and coordinated approach to prevent violence against children
  • Promote all children’s rights with a particular focus on children’s right to health and education
  • Work towards strengthening national and community based protection systems at all levels to promote children’s rights and to protect and prevent violence against children
  • Work towards collaborating with national forums, national NGOs, CBOs and CSOs as well as other bodies working on ending violence against children to ensure adequate coverage and availability of child protection services
  • To actively network and become part of national and international networks, forums and other platforms promoting and working to protect children’s rights
  • To actively promote, support and strengthen the national children’s forum and cooperate with SAIEVAC in strengthening children’s participation at national and regional level
  • To actively contribute in implementing the SAIEVAC Five Year Work Plan
  • To actively encourage and support inter-agency cooperation at all levels such as cooperation with and between governments, UN agencies, INGO’s and civil society organisations including children and young people

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