Star BibiSatarbibi Raja is a Director of Aizan Development Foundation. She is a Social Activist working with women and girls from villages and communities promoting women’s rights, entrepreneurship and skill development. She is actively involved in promoting education campaigns in villages and communities, encouraging education in general and more particularly girl’s education. Satarbibi regularly arranges free medical camps in various villages in partnership with others where free medicine, medical equipment, eye examination tests and glasses are provided to the elderly free of cost. She has set up a number of networks promoting and protecting women’s rights as well as campaign for health and education. She is active in promoting civic education programmes in villages and working with school children.


Nadeem is a founding member and Director of ADF. To date he has provided his unconditional support in helping establish and set up the NGO from the very start. His contribution towards the organization is immense. He is an excellent networker and very well connected both locally and internationally. He has connected the organization with many international Donors and has successfully fundraised for ADF to help it promote and carry its causes forward. Nadeem as a founding member of the organization has worked on the core Vision, Mission and Objectives of ADF. He has trained, advocated, networked and campaigned for the organization. He has helped steer the organization in the direction it had initially planned and set out to achieve. Nadeem is a managerial professional and comes with over 18 years of work experience in the IT, Legal and Development sectors. He has the ability to adapt his wide range of attained skills and experience as and when required. He joined ADF as a Director heading the Business Development team. He is proficient at identifying strengths and obtaining the best from team members. Nadeem has strong commercial and contract management skills across industry sectors including a high level of competence in negotiation techniques. His other key skills include: Commercial Management, Professional Public & Private Sectors including International; Development, Project Management, Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation, Proposal Designing & Writing, Preparing Budgets, Accounting, Book Keeping and Finance, Corporate & Tax Compliance, Team Management, Procurement, Logistics, Designing and Developing Organizational Standard Operating Procedures and Policies, Commercial and Technical Due Diligence. Nadeem is also a poised public speaker and often called upon to share his point of view and put forward his recommendations on pressing social issues and human rights matters.
Nadeem is focussed on developing his career further in Research, Humanitarian Assistance, Social Empowerment, Children’s Rights, Advocacy, Monitoring & Evaluation as well as Social Justice & Rule of Law. He has strong professional affiliations and is a member of several national and international development networks. Nadeem’s main area of interests includes: Education, Governance, Rule of Law and the promotion and protection of Human Rights. He is a profound enthusiast and adamant to bring a progressive and much needed change in Pakistan. He believes hard work commitment and dedication will definitely bring about the positive change we are all rearing to see.

Razia Sabir Khan – DirectorRazia

Razia Khan is a Director of Aizan Development Foundation. She is a skilled Solicitor admitted to the Law Society Solicitors Roll UK in 2000. Razia has strong work ethics and thrives in a challenging environment. She is a confident and driven legal advisor, well equipped with sound legal, strategic and commercial acumen. She is analytical and an excellent problem solver, both on a legal and commercial level. Razia voluntarily supports Aizan Development Foundation with fund raising, promotion of our work and causes, networking, sourcing new donors, organizing fund raising event and activities both in London and Pakistan. Razia has conducted a number of awareness raising sessions on Women’s Rights, Children’s Rights and Human Rights. She has trained and sensitized communities on the laws protecting women and children across Pakistan as well as worked on the legal framework, policy level and conducted consultation sessions with policy makers and influencers. She has attended and participated in a number of consultation sessions and meetings with Parliamentarians, MNAs and Policy Makers in Pakistan. Razia has worked with Youth across Pakistan and champions a number of youth development programmes and projects promoting Leadership and Confidence Building among the Youth. Razia promotes the work of Aizan Development Foundation through her regular visits as a Guest Speaker to schools, colleges and Universities. She is also called as a Guest Speaker to Charity and Fund Raising Programmes both in London and Pakistan.
Razia has extensive legal experience in reviewing proposals and contracts, monitoring and reporting on contractual obligations and negotiating as and when required. She has expertise in Contract Management including change management, financial due diligence, issue resolution and escalation, contract re-drafts, SLA, KPI and penalty management, negotiation strategy and general commercial management. Furthermore her expertise extends to drafting Deeds of Variations, Commercial Contracts for the sale of businesses as a going concern and various contracts and documents relating to property and business transactions. She is an expert in Contract review and advising on key contractual terms and conditions as well as employment law matters.