At Aizan Development Foundation we believe that no individual should die of a curable disease. We respond to emerging and critical health needs through technical assistance and programme development. We work closely with our partners to promote regional health programmes and in planning for managing infectious diseases and pandemic hazards.

The poorest in society do not have access to health professionals and basic health care, which the rest take for granted. Even medication that can prevent potentially life threatening diseases and illnesses such as tuberculosis, malaria and influenza, is not available to the downtrodden masses. In addition to medication, knowledge on how to prevent or limit the risk of contracting a preventable disease is rarely communicated to the poorest. We particularly focus on mothers and children, who often are the most vulnerable to disease and malnutrition. We assist our partners on reproductive health issues as well as children’s health, nutrition, infectious diseases and water and sanitation.

We understand the importance of health in alleviating poverty and improving quality of life. Our main areas of focus are:

  1. Raising awareness amongst communities on curable and preventable diseases to promote a healthier Pakistan
  2. Campaigning to raise awareness on the importance of ensuring all Basic Health Units (BHUs) are well equipped
  3. Ensuring that BHUs have adequately qualified staff such as Lady Health Workers and trained Midwives
  4. Advocate to strengthen and improve public health care systems in Pakistan to ensure quality and affordable health care for every individual
  5. Raise awareness on water and sanitation issues. Further, focus on the significance of maintenance of water and sanitation facilities
  6. Initiating capacity building programmes for Lady Health Workers, Lady Health Visitors and Medical Officers