Aizan Development Foundation works to empower women and girls by promoting gender equality and eliminate gender discrimination. We believe this is a fundamental human right, which is highlighted by its inclusion as one of the 8 Millennium Development Goals that serve as a framework for halving poverty and improving lives.

We believe women should be given the opportunity to play an equal role in society as this can help reduce poverty. Women should be able to contribute towards sustainable economic development. They can only do this if they are given equal rights to go to school, have easier access to health facilities, participate in decision-making, and have equal leadership opportunities. It is hard to imagine a constructive and sustainable democratic change in Pakistan unless and until women are included in the decision-making processes at all levels of governance and democracy.

Aizan Development Foundation is committed to strive for women protection and empowerment by focusing on the following:

  1. Advocating for women’s rights by promoting and ensuring protection of their rights and Human Rights
  2. Working with women and girls on Skill Development/Enhancement to promote Economic and Social Empowerment of Women
  3. Sensitizing women and communities through awareness raising campaigns on the importance and value of education
  4. Advocate to raise awareness on Ending Gender Based Violence and all other forms of Violence Against Women and Girls
  5. Providing emergency relief and rehabilitation services to women and girls in particular in the event of any natural or man made disasters across Pakistan