June 16, 2015, was the six month anniversary of our young children, who were slaughtered in the worst possible way, in Peshawar.

We mark the date of December 16, 2014, as ‪#‎blackday‬ in the history of Pakistan, for it truly was black, and was filled with nothing, but screams and cries of the entire nation.‬

Not only did the tragedy shake the ground underneath the feet of the entire country, but it made us all take a pledge to eradicate the menace of terrorism from our land too. And, even today, six months later, our hearts ache, our eyes well up with tears, and we can almost feel the agony that the families of those martyrs go through, every time we are reminded of the catastrophe.

As a way of remembering those young martyrs, Aizan Development Foundation lit candles, and prayed for their pardonment and about bringing their criminals to justice, along with other Civil Society Members, as well as their Volunteer Task Force, in front of the Parliament House, Islamabad.