Aizan Development Foundation arranged a focussed group discussion on August 16, 2015, with parents of ADF Volunteer Children. These children are involved in labor work instead of being enrolled in schools.
The objective of this meeting was to sensitize the parents and raise awareness on the importance and benefits of education. Further to help parents realize/understand the vulnerabilities their children face and are exposed to, whilst they are out working trying to earn a living for their families.

The parents were familiarized with the issues and conventions regarding Children Rights. They were given an overview of the current situation across Pakistan, which involved the abuse of vulnerable children.

Surprisingly, the parents were very encouraging and appreciated the efforts being made by the ADF team. It was disclosed through discussion that the mean reason why majority of the children are involved in labor and in not educational institutions, was because they weren’t registered at birth, which makes it difficult for them to get admissions in schools.