The team of Aizan Development Foundation took the initiative of arranging a free medical camp in Neelum Valley (Union Council, Kundalshahi), Azad Kashmir during Eid holidays. The camp was made possible with the collaboration of Dr Hafiz Asim Hussain. This area is located on a height of 7,500 feet, where basic medical facilities are not available, and the roads (if there are any) are in tattered conditions.

The free medical camp was arranged in two villages of UC (Union Council) Kundalshahi; Chanjaath, and Kaiyaan Sharif on July 18, 19, and 20, 2015. This area is located at a height of about 7,500 feet, where basic medical facilities are not available to the individuals.

Over 200 people visited the camp, which largely included women, children, as well as disabled and aged individuals. The patients included over a hundred women, sixty children, and more or less sixty men (mostly aged/disabled).

All the visitors were thankful to the doctor, and not only appreciated the efforts made by ADF, but also invited them eagerly to arrange such camps in their area in the future.