In September 2017, HRCP and ADF entered into a written agreement whereby HRCP agreed to provide a grant to ADF to conduct a Research on: Monitoring Patterns of Discrimination and Inequality in Pakistan. The grounds of discrimination, which form the basis of this research, include Gender Discrimination, the kind of discrimination women face because they are women. The research areas include Access to Health & Nutrition by Women. The research was conducted by ADF through Meetings with District Health Officials and Door-to-Door Surveys carried out by specially trained and equipped enumerators. Field Officers and Project Managers conducted orientation sessions with the enumerators and monitored their work. Data was collected in the form of simple questionnaires and entered onto a system, which provided an end result.

The research was carried out in 5 districts in KP and AJK. The districts selected in KP included: Swabi, Mardan and Charsadda. The districts selected in AJK included: Muzaffrabad and Bagh.

The aim of the assignment was to monitor and record discrimination faced by women in accessing health services and facilities. Discrimination faced by women in the above districts was recorded and noted in the questionnaire. The research questions revolved around access to Health and Nutrition by women living in KP and AJK. Interviews were conducted with women, mothers and expectant mothers to ascertain what discrimination they face because they are women and how do they overcome this discrimination.

In total, 2,000 interviews were conducted in 5 districts making a grand total of 10,000 interviews for this research. Furthermore, 2 meetings with government officials, ie: Health & Nutrition Departments, DHOs were carried out in each district making a total of 10 meetings with DHOs for this research.