Aizan Development organized a one-day capacity building training workshop on Tuesday 8th September 2015 at ADF Offices, F11/1, Islamabad. The topics covered under this training included Advocacy, Networking, Lobbying & Campaigning. Staff from the development sector, NGOs from Islamabad attended the training and participated.

Ms Sarwat Wazir delivered an interactive session on Campaigning. She gave an overview of what campaigning is, what it involves and how to campaign. She gave the participants a number of activities to carry out. The participants thoroughly enjoyed and actively participated in the practical activities. A tea break took place, which gave the participants plenty of time and space to interact and network with each other.

Next Mr Jehangir Khan delivered his session on Lobbying & Campaigning. He started off by explaining lobbying in detail and then gave real life examples. He engaged with the participants and divided them into groups assigning them with a number of practical activities. Participants shared their presentations after which feedback was given.

Lunch was served at the office and everyone once again had a chance to interact and share their ideas. Professor Salman Haider from Fatima Jinnah University delivered his session after lunch on Advocacy through Social Media. The participants listened attentively and engaged with the Professor who shared real life examples and an in depth overview of the topic.

Following the afternoon tea break, Ms Aniqa Raza, Programme Director at ADF shared her presentation on Networking. This was a very interactive session in which many activities took place. The participants were divided into groups and asked to develop networking ideas and plans to share with the rest of the group. The participants thoroughly enjoyed and interacted enthusiastically showing a real interest in this topic.

The day ended after 6pm where everyone appreciated the efforts by ADF Team to take the initiative to carry out such practical and much needed capacity building training to enhance and improve the practical skills of those working in the development sector.