Session on United Nations Child Rights Convention, with Volunteer Task Force

Date: May 20, 2015
Venue: Aizan Development Foundation Office
No. of Volunteers: 5
Aizan Development Foundation has created a Task Force of young Volunteers. These volunteers were invited to the office attend a session delivered by the ADF staff on United Nations Child Rights Convention (UNCRC).
The session started with the question, “What is UNCRC?” just to get a clear idea about the level of information the volunteers had. After hearing everybody’s opinion, Ms Shazia Jamal, Program Manager ADF, enlightened them with the following things:

  • When was UNCRC founded
  • How many states have ratified UNCRC
  • When did Pakistan Ratify UNCRC
  • The four Pillars of UNCRC
  • A brief look in to the articles of UNCRC and how the four Pillars are connected to them

The children found the session insightful as well as surprising. It helped them understand their rights better, and served as a motivation to aid deprived children get theirs too.