Training Youth to Become Leaders of Change through Peace and Human Rights Promotion

Aizan Development Foundation organized a training workshop with youth for peace and human rights promotion. The training was organized at The Knowledge Camp (TKC), Bahria Town, Phase IV, Islamabad. The training was attended by students, teachers, instructors and TKC management members.

During this training workshop, the trainers talked about leadership, peace promotion, human rights protection and a safe and healthy life. Nazia Raja, the Executive Director ADF welcomed all the participants and conducted a round of introduction with session facilitators and training participants. Zaydan Khan delivered a session on “Discover Yourself: Leadership in Peace and Development”. He shared different techniques, life experiences and ways to achieve life goals. He encouraged youth to become leaders of change because young people are the most valuable and they have the power to contribute in country’s overall development and bring peace.

In the second session, Aniqa Raza highlighted human rights, women rights and children rights violations. She gave an overview of recent developments made by the government for promotion and protection of women rights in Pakistan. Aniqa briefed participants about women protection laws and encouraged youth to come forward and engage themselves in effective implementation of these laws. She shared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) with the training participants and explained the equal and inalienable rights given by the UDHR to everyone.

Syed Mohsin Ali delivered a very informative and interactive session on adopting a positive approach towards life by staying fit and healthy. He explained the importance of looking after ones health and discussed healthy activities. He encouraged participants to invest in themselves by adopting a healthy and nutritional lifestyle. He emphasized the importance of combining physical activity with a healthy diet and shared tips on maintaining a healthy weight, how to reduce the risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and sugar) and promote overall health, fitness and wellbeing.

In the end, Nazia Raja thanked all participants and The Knowledge Camp management for facilitating ADF in this activity. The students and teachers appreciated ADF’s efforts and its initiative to work with youth for peace building and development.