Aizan Development Foundation with the generous support of Agha Khan Rural Support Programme organized a Women Economic Empowerment Programme on Tuesday 7th February 2017. The programme consisted of a Two-Day Workshop on Entrepreneurship & Life Skills. 18 female participants were selected for this programme and they came from Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral.

Day 1 of the programme was held at Hillview Hotel, Islamabad. The session consisted of motivational talks, discussions, networking and sharing of success stories. Guest Speakers included:

1. Mr Imran Shams, Team Leader | EO Accelerate Prosperity
2. Mrs Izmat Afridi, Head of Women Welfare & Development Centre, Islamabad
3. Prof. Farkhunda Aurangzeb, Director Resource Mobilization & Coordination, Aurat Foundation
4. Mrs Nigar Nazar, Chief Executive, Gogo Studios
5. Ms Zeba Hussain, Founder and ED of Mashal Model School, Bari Imam, Islamabad
6. Mrs Amna Malik, President Centre of Pakistan & International Relations | Vice President PMLN Women Wing, Punjab
7. Mr Ali Qaswar, Professional Trainer | TV & Radio Anchor | Motivational Speaker
8. Mr Suleman Shah, Director Programmes, NCSW
9. Ms Zulekha, Executive Director, SABAH Pakistan
10. Mr Harald Thorud, Programme Advisor Youth & Social Cohesion Project & Youth Employment Project
11. Ms Rabeea Hadi, Advocacy & Communication Specialist | Women’s Rights Activist
12. Ms Sadaf Raza, Director Ideas for Life Trust | Professional Trainer | Motivational Speaker
13. Mr Shamsud-Din, AVP/Product Manager, The First MicroFinanceBank Ltd
14. Ms Gohar Bibi, Co-Chairperson of SABAH Pakistan | Successful Woman Entrepreneur from Haripur
15. Mrs Sitara Khan, Professional TV Makeup Artist | Successful Woman Entrepreneur from Islamabad

Day 2 of the Women Economic Empowerment Programme – Two-Day Workshop on Entrepreneurship & Life Skills. Visit to Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI), G8, Islamabad on Wednesday 8th February 2017.

A delegation of 18 participants hailing from Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral plus ADF staff and AKRSP staff visited ICCI to learn about it’s role, responsibility, functions and membership. Mr Majid Shabbir, Secretary General hosted the delegation and gave an overview of ICCI. Mr Khalid Malik, Senior Vice President and Mr Tahir Ayub, Vice President of ICCI interacted with the delegation and engaged in discussions about new business start up plans, connections, networking, marketing, trading nationally and internationally.

A big thank you to ICCI Management for their hospitality!