This project formed part of a wider programme on promoting peace through women. Sadly, Karachi has suffered a great deal from terrorism and extremism in the recent years. Although tremendous efforts and sacrifices have been made to restore peace in Karachi, unfortunately the role of women has not been duly recognized, even though they have played a key role in promoting local peace. Therefore, ADF designed and developed this 6 month project which included capacity building, sensitizing and raising awareness on ways in which women can promote peace and counter violent extremism in their communities.

In this 6 month project, we engaged at least 40 women participants from 2 areas of Karachi: (1) Gulzar E Hijri, (2) Sakhi Hassan. We conducted various activities on and around countering violent extremism (CVE) including:

  • Capacity Building
  • Sensitizing
  • Awareness raising
  • Training Workshops
  • Writing Articles & Blogs
  • Social Action Projects (SAPs)
  • Consultation Sessions
  • Dialogue Sessions

We trained the women using a simple and easy to follow training manual. This was professionally designed and developed which we believe will not only help in enriching the talents and professional skills of the women but at the same time will also work towards making their role more effective in promoting local peace and overcoming terrorism and extremism in Karachi.

We are confident that the women participants, now known as our Women Peace Leaders who participated in this project have gained a great deal by engaging on this training, writing articles and blogs and carrying out social action projects in their communities with other women.